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Zero Gravity 'Perfect Chair'

Zero Gravity 'Perfect Chair'

If you are looking for the perfect chair that promotes Perfect Health, then you are going to want to buy the Zero gravity perfect chair! Zero gravity perfect chairs position you in a way that reduces pressure on the spine, relieves muscle tension and increases circulation while reducing stress on the heart. It puts you in a complete, stress-free position with your knees are higher than your heart, it promotes circulation, there are no pressure points on the spine. The chair has been around for 15 years, and it is highly promoted for people with back pain or recovering from surgery. The design is based on the seats NASA provides the astronauts for blastoff during space

The zero-gravity Perfect Chair, with its unique balance of back support, seating comfort, aesthetics and architectural design, delivers the optimum mode for neutral posture. Sit back, relax, and the take the weight off your back. The zero-gravity Perfect Chair has a sleek folding footrest, a full-recline zero-gravity comfort, top-grain leather sophistication and look, and promoting neck rest! The zero-gravity Perfect Chair will help you relax and unwind.

You'll soon discover why it is so aptly named. Recommended by doctors to relieve spine pressure and stress and also recommended by decorators to enhance the look of any room in your home. Feel back pain fade away as you relax into its unique zero gravity position, the one recommended by doctors to relieve low back pressure. Relax and lean back as the exclusive patent pending guide rail system and finger tip braking system recline you to the ideal comfort position effortlessly. Enjoy the wide, luxurious leather seat that envelops you in comfort, with polished aluminum arches and handcrafted wood in your choice of colors with interchangeable bases and pads.

The Perfect Chair includes two headrest pillow and lumbar supports. The first pillow resembles the standard, wedge shaped pillow. A small self-inflating valve, will allow you to customize the pillow to your own head and neck. It's like making a special mold of your upper cervical region that will be providing unparalleled comfort and support. If you like, you can remove the pillow altogether and use it as a self-inflating lower lumbar support. In that event, you also have a second small, leather cervical pillow that can be used as either a headrest or lower lumbar support. You can also order a memory foam kit that will offer pressure relieving custom contoured support. This makes an incredible recliner even more perfect! The hand carved and finished base is pleasing to the eye, and constructed for years of use.

Artfully blending contemporary architecture with traditional design, this chair's bold yet classical look is tremendous. By integrating unique zero-gravity technology, then selecting the most sumptuous materials, the chair transcends common comfort. Truly, the Perfect Chair! All materials are polished, matched or finished to obtain the highest level of luster and brilliance. Aesthetically and technically, it reflects a commitment to manufacture products of superior quality and value. Experience zero-gravity position at the push of a button! Zero gravity position cradles your back and elevates your legs above your heart. Extra wide leg rest provides maximum comfort. New plush upholstered PVC cushion for superior comfort seating. The pendulum glides mechanism that allows for precise position control.

The massage chairs also features great rollers that reach out and comfortably squeeze your neck and shoulders, emulating the grasping and kneading of a live massage. The Physical Shape Sensor adjusts massage rollers automatically to accommodate various body types and shifts in position during massage. With five different speed settings and five different width settings, you can be sure you will find a comfortable niche in this chair.

Perhaps after a long day's work, you will want to utilize the exclusive stiffness detection sensor. Your pulse and perspiration are measured through photo-sensory and galvanic skin response to detect personal areas of stiffness and tension. A truly customized massage follows, focusing on detected areas of stiffness and tension. Heat setting can be used to promote circulation and relaxation.

The Perfect Chair features many color options, ability to mix and match frames and upholstery, and an additional cervical pillow for extra support where it's needed. Combining all the comfort of a zero gravity recliner and the exclusive style of first-class furniture, the Perfect Chair is the perfect solution for an ergonomically sound living space. Come home and relax in the Perfect Chair, or create a home theater with multiple chairs and interlocking spanner tables!

There are numerous internet websites from where you can get a Zero Gravity. There are some online websites which offer Zero Gravity chairs at a discounted price. Do your homework and search online and also check local stores for great deals. Consider shipping cost, etc.

Once in a while a product comes along that seems different. Its design has a look that is everlasting. Something like this has only one word to describe it perfect. If you are looking for the perfect chair that promotes perfect health, then you are going to want to buy the Zero gravity perfect chairs! Zero gravity perfect chairs position you in a way that reduces pressure on the spine, relieves muscle tension and increases circulation while reducing stress on the heart. Best of luck with your purchase.

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