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The Dining Room

The Dining Room

Definition of a Dining Room

The Dining Room by definition is a room for eating. But a dining room is much more then that! It is the most prestigious and spectacular room in the house, used most for entertaining family and guest. The dining room is used primarily on occasions that are deemed special like nice dinners, birthday dinners, holiday dinners, etc. The dining room is usually right next to the kitchen so that there is an easy food transfer situation.

A typical dining room will have a table with chairs that go along side of the table. Tables usually seat 6 - 12 people. The dining room also usually contains other pieces of furniture that are often used for storing nice silverware and also formal china. Often then tables, most dining rooms will have a removable leaf (or middle part) to allow for the larger number of people the come over to the house on those special occasions. Then when you are catering to a big party you can take out the removable leaf and that will give you extra space and closer proximity when a big table is not needed.

History of the Dining room

In the middle ages, the British people who lived in castles or large manor houses would eat in what was called "the Great Hall." A Great Hall was a large room with lots of different functions and it was capable of seating a large number of people who might be guest or residents of the house. Back then, whoever was throwing the party or dinner would sit in seats and tables that were raised higher then the other tables and chairs in the room. The guest would be on lower seats and chairs and would have to look up to the host. Tables in the room would be long and the seats were usually benches. Great Halls were known to be noisy and filled with smoke. They were also known to be hard to have a conversation at.

A lot of higher ups at that time were not into the big room feel and loud noise of the Great Halls so a lot of nobility started building smaller and quieter rooms off of their Great Halls that were called Parlours or Drawing rooms. These rooms were known for their intimate feels and its focus on relaxation and quietness. After a while, Nobility began to take their meals into their Parlours and then the Parlours, as well as the Great Hall, began to function as a "dining room" or eating room. When this happened, after a while, dining in the Great Hall became something that was done a lot less and usually only on a special occasions.

In the beginning of the 18th Century, it became fashionable that the ladies of the house to all move after dinner from the dining room to what was called the drawing room and the gentlemen would remain in the dining room to smoke and have drinks. Because of that, the dining room started to be known as a room that took on a more masculine look or tone.

Contents of a typical Dining Room

Contents often found in the Dining room are the dining room are the dining room table, which is usually luxurious, and well designed, well crafted and able to be adjusted to seat many guest. The Dining room chair or Parson chairs. These chairs are usually really nice looking with great designs and textures. They typically come in wood and fabric. Also a buffet with Hutch is part of the room. These will ad style and beauty to the room as well as hold silver wear, china, and other fine items. Lastly, sideboards and servers are typically traditional dining room furniture pieces that are meant for placing serving dishes, etc., prior to serving them at the dining room table. Also many people use servers and sideboards as entry hall pieces to put pictures on or just for additional storage in general.

Many dining rooms have a bar with bar stools. Barstools are tall, narrow with no back or arm rest. They are typically used at the main bar of the house and they are also popular around the main kitchen counter. Those stools are referred to as kitchen stools. Bar stools are a great accent to the dining room. Their main function is to give a higher view of things when a person is eating, drinking, and socializing. A nice barstool will add to the atmosphere and beauty of the room. Barstools are often made of wood or metal.

Also part of the Dining room family is the non formal Dinette Set, dinette furniture, and pub sets or tables.

A Dinette Set is made exclusively to add some style to your kitchen or dining area. A Dinette set is great for eating a quick meal, morning breakfast, lunch, or non formal dinner. Typically the dinette table is used on an every day basis, unlike the occasional use of the formal dining room. The dining table is usually smaller then that of a dining room table seating usually 4 people. The dinette chairs are usually well crafted and comfortable.

Pub tables and pub sets are also very popular. They are perfect for a casual eating area or next to a pool table, card table, or video gaming spot. Pub tables come with pub stools.

The Dining Room being the most prestigious and spectacular room in the house, used most for entertaining family and guest should be a room that represents you and your family when inviting guest and family to visit and spend time in it. Make it a room that is filled with great style, flair, color, and comfort. People always remember a great dining room and don't you deserve to eat in and dine guest that is a great representation of you and your great style!

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