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Home >> Redecorating Your Child's Bedroom
Redecorating Your Child's Bedroom

Redecorating Your Child's Bedroom

You're ready to decorate or redecorate your child's bedroom and keep it up to date with your child's needs and likes. With an infant this may be easy, as you can reflect your own personal taste and ideas. This is a little more difficult with an older child who now has their own opinions on what they like. These tips are for the second challenge, when you and your child have very different ideas of what is to be done with their space. Hopefully this can get you on the right track to a room that you will both love. When your child is old enough to make the transition from cot to toddler bed and you swap your nursery furniture for children's bedroom furniture it can be difficult to know what to choose to give their room an individual and childlike feel. There is lots of different children's bedroom furniture on the market to choose from.

Here is an outline that should help you to choose the right furniture for your child in a fun and safe way. The first thing to do is to choose a kids bed that is low to the floor, this will enable your child to climb in and out easily and give him a sense of independence and achievement when using his new bed. A bed which is low to the ground is safer if your child does take a tumble out of bed. It is good to think about using a safety bar on a new bed, at least until your child is confident with his new sleeping environment. If you are looking for bookshelves, check to see that they are stable and won't fall over. For your kid's clothes, choose chests of drawers that have smooth runners which enable the drawers to glide when pulled and pushed. Try to buy children's bedroom furniture that has curved edges rather than sharp corners, it will help eliminate bumps and bruises. Buy bedroom mirrors which are made from shatterproof glass. This ensures that if the mirror breaks it will not shatter into dangerous fragments. Check that your new children's bedroom furniture is made from good quality materials, strong woods and sturdy metals. Find a nice child's desk for the room. It will help with their creative development!

Here's some tips are for the second challenge which is buying furniture and object that both you and your child will agree on. The first thing you should do is start by sitting down with your son or daughter and making a list of the things they love and enjoy. This could be a favorite hobby, sport, character, color, place, or story. Then help them thin the list down to the very best ones and begin creating a concept for their room. It's always good to collect paint sample cards from local retailers. You don't want to have a wild color that your child will grow tired of, and then find out how hard it is to paint over later on. Next, decide if you will be updating the bedroom furniture. Choose bedding that is comfortable and designed to their liking!

Don't forget organization in your child's room. A good dresser, a closet organization system, under the bed storage and clear containers are great for keeping the room tidy. You don't want to put all this work into a cool room and end up with a giant mess everywhere because you poor child has no place to store their stuff. You can't have too many Storage Areas in a Child's Room. Kids today have too much baggage. The well designed room decoration scheme will take this into consideration. There will be a toy box if the child is young. This can double as seating. Incorporate lots of shelving into the decorating plan. Modular shelving is available to hold books and display trophies and other prized possessions. The closet is key to storage success. The child's clothes are here of course, but why not use it to hold sports equipment? Many of these items are seasonal and oddly sized. Install shelving reaching to the ceiling.

Lastly, buy accessories like lamps, area rugs, wall art and other room decor you can truly make your child's space their own. Make sure that you have stayed with the rooms general theme and concept so the room has a complete and pulled together look. Make sure the child's bedroom decoration activity is fun for both parent and child. This is the prime opportunity to bond with the child share interests.

There is lots of different children's bedroom furniture on the market to choose from. So when you are ready to decorate or redecorate your child's bedroom and keep it up to date with your child's needs and likes you will find that you have a lot of options. A kid's room design should consider the child's personality, age, parent's budget and the different purposes for the room. Good luck on your child's bedroom transition!

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