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Home >> Plan for More Sleeping Capacity in Your House
Plan for More Sleeping Capacity in Your House

Plan for More Sleeping Capacity in Your House

During every season of the year, there are lots of holidays and other opportunities to have friends and family stay at your home. Sometimes if you have too many people over, some of the people who stay over usually have to camp out in a sleeping bag on the floor. But accommodations can be so much better. If you weigh out your options, many of your great home furnishing pieces can be used as creative extra sleeping places as well. Try to think of the furniture you have in your home. How can you maximize your home for guest and family who are staying over?

One great way to accommodate more sleeping space in your home is with a daybed. Modern daybeds offer a decorative and practical alternative to the traditional sleeper sofa. A simple daybed is a great way to turn that extra bedroom into a comfortable spot to congregate, lounge and catch some sleep. Available in many styles, there is a daybed that can compliment any decor. When accommodating an overnight guest, the daybed can be quickly converted from a place to sit to a comfortable bed. All you need to do is turn down the covers and you are ready to go. Daybeds can accommodate a standard twin size mattress, even thicker plush and pillow top mattress styles. I personally find most sofa bed mattresses to be a little lumpy for my taste and no comparison to a quality bed mattress. As the name implies, a daybed can used as a place to relax during the day.

Another way to sleep friends and family is with a sofa couch. Now I know what you are thinking, that sofa beds are way uncomfortable compared to other forms of sleep furniture but look around. Today sofa beds can be found to be very sturdy and comfortable. Also consider sleep aids such as comforters, padding, blankets, and pillows. But in general, while sofa beds are convenient they do come with some drawbacks compared to daybeds. The mattress of the typical sofa bed is much thinner than a standard mattress, but like stated earlier, those negatives can be turned into a positive with just a few extra bedding items purchased.

A twin sleeper chair, or loveseat sleeper, is a great way to add a spare bed to your space without anyone being the wiser until bedtime. Twin sleepers actually cover a wide range of widths, from 48 inches to 65 inches. Since size is often an issue when twin sleeper chairs are being considered, be sure to measure your space so you don't buy a sleeper chair that's two inches too wide.

Having kids can be made easier with bunk beds. Bunk beds are made for adults as well. The bunk bed is great because they give you more sleeping options without taking up more floor space. If you are having extra kids stay at the house, the bunk bed is a great solution. It will give the child their own sleep space without intruding on someone else's sleep space. Bunk beds are very popular because kids enjoy sleeping at evevated heights for when they are on the top bunk, or the covered space they feel when on the lower bunk.

Another great answer to maximizing sleep accommodations is by having a futon couch. Futons originally came from Japan, where small spaces are common. The Japanese version is a mattress that is placed on the floor during sleeping hours, and then rolled up and stored in a closet during the day in order to create more living space. The western versions of futons are quite a bit different from their Japanese counterparts. The western counterpart includes a frame that the mattress is placed on. As a matter of fact, in the west, the "futon" generally refers to the frame; whereas in Japan, the term refers to the mattress. Futons are available in an assortment of styles. You are able to buy single-sized futons that serve as both chairs and single beds, or full, queen or king sized frames that double as a couch and bed. On the less expensive end, you can get metal or wood frames. For a bit more, you can buy graceful log or wicker futon frames. No matter what type of material the frame is constructed from, the futon frame is designed to fold open so that it creates a bed. Mattresses are likewise available in an assortment of sizes, from only four inches thick to eight or more inches. Of course, futon mattresses are available for the common bed sizes like twin beds, full sized beds, queen and king sized beds. I can now use the small extra room as both a guest room and computer room. When folded into a couch, the futon allows a few feet of open distance between my laptop workstation and the couch. When guests spend the night, I simply flip it out into a comfy full-sized bed. Everybody who has spent the night remarked about how cozy the futon mattress was to sleep on. And there have been no complaints about the size of the room!

If people are going to be sharing a room, one thing you can do is purchase some of those inexpensive screens (some or decorative others not so much)...it might give people a feeling of a little added privacy while they sleep.

During every season of the year, there are lots of holidays and other opportunities to have friends and family stay at your home. If you having people over, please consider stocking your house with furniture able to accommodate them all. This will keep your friends and family together safe, happy, and comfortable.

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