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The Living Room

The Living Room

Definition of a Living Room

A living room by definition is a room for entertaining your friends, family, and guests. It's a room for reading, watching TV, or doing other activities whether that is alone or with other people. Other names for the living room are the sitting room, lounge room or lounge. Outside of the bedroom, the living room is the most relaxing room in the house. It's where you can boast your plasma TV, entertainment center, all your cds, DVDs, cool memorabilia, etc. It's a great room to spend hours of time being entertained in many different ways and to be with friends and loved ones.

In good old' USA, the most popular term for the living room is the living room but outside of America other English speaking places like England and Australia, the living room is more often called the sitting room, lounge room, or lounge. The term front room can also used to describe a living room, because in many households the front door opens into the living room.

History of the Living room

In modern homes and apartments in today's world, the living room has replaced the old fashioned parlor. Back in the 19th century, the parlor was the room in the house where the recently deceased were laid out before their funeral. I bet that room wasn't too fun to be in and probably didn't smell that good after a while either! But actually the living room was named "the living room" because people we're as into having the room as a place to keep the dead so folklore has it that the name was changed to put things in a more positive light. So starting in the 20th century, the parlor officially became known as "the living room!" The term marks the people of the twentieth-century's decision as architects and builders to strip the parlor of its burial and mourning associations altogether.

When thinking of today's living room, it is a room usually furnished with a sofa, chairs, occasional tables, a television and stereo equipment, bookshelves, as well as other pieces of furniture like a fireplace.

Components of a Living room:

Chair, Accent Chair, Chaise Lounge

Chairs are key the living room. You're going to want to get a really nice and comfortable chair that has a great decor and style that will add to the beautification of your room. There are many really great comfortable chairs to choose from. A matching chaise lounge, which is a larger chair meant for reclining on, and an accent chair helps to fill out space in your living room with comfort, style, elegance, usefulness.

Bookcases, Book Case, Book Shelf

The living room is a great place to have your favorite shelving items placed or displayed. Whether it be your favorite or most important books, dvds, cds, or picture frames with pictures placed strategically within the bookshelf is sure to add beauty, representation of literature, reading material, dvds, and other media related items, as well as adding style and elegance to your living room.

Club Chairs

Club chairs are big relaxing chairs that are a great asset to your living room because it adds so much beauty, comfort, usefulness, and prestige to your room. With a club chair your living room can have the style, beauty, and compare with the finest establishment in town in terms of luxury and style.

Futon, Futon Cover, Futon Mattress

Futons are great for your living room. Of course they act in multiple functions which include either as a relaxing seat that is great in a social situation or as a bed for a guest or as a separate bed to use outside of the bedroom. To go with many futons are matching chairs and tables. A great thing about futons besides their dual roles is that you can choose from a wide variety of futon covers and futon mattresses that fit your style for your room.

Entertainment Center Furniture

Entertainment centers bring all the thrills, beauty, and excitement of modern technology to your living room by being able to hold dvd players, the latest kinds of plasma televisions, as well as having shelves and compartments to hold your favorite dvds, cds, video games, books, and other useful or just beautiful items. Today's entertainment center furniture experience can be as great as seeing a movie in a movie theater or as great sounding as going to a live concert!

Fireplaces, Electric Fireplaces

Whether it is a decorative fireplace or a classic real one, the fireplace adds the beautiful element of fire to your room which brings heat and comfort when the weather is cold and frightful outside. The fireplace adds elegance and romance to the room too. Because a fireplace gives warmth, throughout the world it is said that people gather around a fireplace for conversation and family bonding. In earlier times the area around the fireplace was often the place a family would meet at night before going to bed. During the Great Depression, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt use to give what was called "fireside chats" which was what he called his weekly radio addresses in which he made use of the family gathering around the fireplace and by the radio to state his views on issues of national importance.

Home Bar, Bar Stool, Bar Stools

A bar is the counter where drinks are mixed by you or whoever is acting as the "bartender" for that day or evening. Bars hold your favorite liquors and non-alcoholic beverages that help add to your drink experience. Bar areas also hold snack food. Bars were invented in the Victorian when the tradition back then was to just wait at tables to be served your drinks. There are many different types of bar settings that you can purchase to fit your needs and also add to your home decor. Also nice bar stools add to a great bar experience and also add seating to your living room experience. A great thing about bar stools is that they sit higher then chairs and give the user an elevated look at the room. A great bar adds so much entertainment value to your home!

Home Theater Seating, Reclining Sofas

To add to your great state of the art entertainment center, you are going to want to get great seating that will be comfortable enough to spend hours in and which will add, beauty, comfort, and style to your living room and which will also compliment your home theater. Whether it is a recliner or reclining sofa, both are available with cup holders so you can recline, sit in comfort and have a great and enjoyable experience either watching a movie, listening to a great piece of music, or a playing video games on your state of the art video game system!

Other pieces that will add to your living room are leather recliners, regular recliners, leather sofas, or other kinds of leather furniture. The living room can also hold massage chairs, interactive health devices, coffee tables, end tables, sofas, rocking chairs, rugs, area rugs, sofas, and sofa sectionals.

Make your living room a great room for entertaining your friends, family, and guests! Hang out and spend time with your plasma tv, entertainment center, all your cds, dvds, cool memorabilia, and all your great furniture! It's a great room to spend hours of time being entertained in many different ways. Good luck making your living room just right for you!

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