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Home >> Top 5 Home Office Design Tips
Top 5 Home Office Design Tips

Top 5 Home Office Design Tips

Whether you work from home full time, part time or just when the mood strikes, creating a home office that suits your needs is an exciting process. A well-designed home office is a vital part of creating an environment for optimum productivity and gathering inspiration for creative projects. Read the five tips below to learn how to kick-start your home office makeover.

  1. Don't be afraid of color. If you work from home even part time, chances are you'll spend many hours in your home office each week. While color choices like beige, brown and tan are a safe option, they do nothing to spark your creativity. Be bold with your color choices and give your mind a reason to race with ideas and liven up those tired moments when you've been at the keyboard for one too many hours.
  2. Give yourself something to look at. Ideally, your desk should face a window. Having the sun kiss your face is the perfect way to start your work day. If facing your desk toward a window simply isn't possible, place an inspiring or motivational canvas print above your desk. A view of a blank wall will hinder creativity as well as focus.
  3. Choose a large desk. If the space can accommodate it, a larger desk is always better. L-shape desks and corner desks offer large work surfaces without commandeering too much floor space. While U-shape desks offers maximum storage and work area for home offices that can spare a bit of room.
  4. Desk chairs are a personal choice. Many experts consider ergonomic chairs the only option for those working behind a desk. While ergonomic chairs are beneficial, there are plenty of other facts to consider when choosing your office chair. For example, if you'll be working in a warm environment, consider a ventilated chair. Or if work-related all-nighters are a part of your typical schedule, choosing a chair with lots of padding and soft fabric may be more important.
  5. Section off your workspace. If your home office area consists of a corner in your living room, privacy may be a concern. Consider hanging ceiling-mounted cable systems to hang curtains to visibly divide your space from the rest of the room. Alternatively, you may choose to divide your space with two wide bookcases placed corner-to-corner in order to create a room within a room.

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