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Home >> How to accumulate furniture you love
How to accumulate furniture you love

How to accumulate furniture you love

Many families wonder how to accumulate furniture they love in their house. It's an idea that runs counter to our "have it now" culture. And, it's something you may not have thought of before. Nevertheless, coming up with a 20-year furniture plan may be just the thing to get your home planning on track. If planned right, a household can accumulate lots of great furniture over time if a plan is put into effect. Here's a good plan for you to follow.

The first thing you should do is decide what kind of furniture you want to fill your house with. After that you the next step is to commit to a plan of accumulating furniture for your house. After you do that you are going to want to purchase at least one major item of quality a year. We will also get into the reasons for doing this, and how can it benefit you?

Lets start with planning for filling your house with great furniture. You've probably been told that things should be "perfect" from the moment you move you and your family in your new house. As a result, we may purchase the first things we see that we can afford, just to fill a space. You know that big spending spree you go on every time you move into a new place. Looking down the road on that can of action you will find that if you continue on that road, in 20 years we'll most likely end up with a mish-mash of furniture and accessories. You will be left with furniture that no longer works for you. Then you will be stuck with cheaply made furniture items that must be discarded years later. You might also find yourself with some trendy items that don't seem to fit anywhere anymore!

Now you are going to say to yourself, "How to avoid this?" As with many things, planning and goals will go a long way toward accumulating furnishings of value. Unless you have money to burn on new furniture every time you move into a new residence, you will then need to start thinking of ways to accumulate furniture that will compliment each other. For this, planning will help focus your decisions and provide goals for all of your home purchases. When you buy your new furniture you may call these "adoptions" since you are in essence bringing something into your home that you'll need to provide space for, clean, repair, and dust for its lifetime with you.

Alright, here are some suggestions to get you started on your own 20 Year Plan. One of the important things to you will be how to accumulate furniture you love. A good thing to do is to sit down and brainstorm some solutions. When you do, try to imagine what kind of furniture that you would love to see in this space. After that you will need to ask yourself, what's my style? What kind of furniture would fit best? Is it an old fashion styled table or a new mahogany table? Do you want to have it round and cozy or rectangular and traditional? Will this table space be a place where the kids can do homework, or is it something to use only on formal occasions? Seriously, all these kind of things need to be thought out before making your purchases!

You will want to focus in on the look you want in the style of furniture you love, as well as what will be practical for you and your family. For example, a huge 12 foot dining room table is never going to fit in your 11x11 dining room. Ok, now pretend you've had your first choice of dining room tables for all of those years. Think to yourself about how did it work? For example, if you went with a formal look, you will have to imagine things like is it your favorite part of the holiday to set the table and sit down for an elegant meal, or did or would the table gather dust most of the year between major holidays? Now lets say that you decided on a casual style pine table. Think to yourself, would your family and friends spend happy hours around it? Does it sport a few memorable dents from homework and craft projects, or was it just too casual? Visualize moving to a smaller home after the kids have grown up. Is that table something you'll want to take with you? I know it sounds so down the road in terms of time but these are things you should think of when buying your new furniture.

Alright, next thing you will have to say to yourself is, I refuse to 'Settle.' Ok, here's the hard part. Once you've decided what you want, and I'm talking about furniture that may still be something you'll love in 20 years, then it's a matter of commitment. First, do not buy something for the wrong reasons, for instance, because it's on sale or something like "my cousin will give us his old table free", "I guess this square one is Ok, even though I wanted a round table!" Resist the urge to settle for something that's not quite right. Remember, you're going for the "real thing".

Next, try to buy one piece a year. Next, commit a portion of your annual budget to at least one yearly purchase of furniture. Learn to wait until you find just the perfect piece. It may take a week, or a month, or even a year to find it. It may take longer than that, but when it's true love, you just know. And you'll be glad you waited. Can you buy more than one piece a year? If your budget allows, go right ahead. It's the idea of finding pieces that are truly "you" rather than any specific time frame of purchases.

In conclusion, here's the important thing to remember, If each year you bought at least one quality item of furniture, one painting, or one fabulous accessory -- things you truly love -- you'll be building up a wonderful collection of pieces you adore. What could be nicer than that for a beautiful home?!

Many families wonder how to accumulate furniture they love in their house. If planned right, a household can accumulate lots of great furniture over time if a plan is put into effect. Follow this plan and you will have the perfect furniture in the future!

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