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Computer desk in general are furniture pieces that are designed to be comfortable, to aesthetically provide a working surface, and lastly to conceal or hide your office equipment when you're not using it. Office equipment can include the computer, computer speakers, keyboard, and other related equipment like a printer, scanner, fax machine, books, paper, etc. There are two main types of Computer desk. One is called an Ergonomic Desk and the other is a regular computer desk.

The Ergonomic desk:

The ergonomic desk is a modern desk form which (like the adjustable drawing table or drafting table) offers mechanical adjustments for the placing its pieces in an order that would maximize the user's comfort and the user's efficiency. The ergonomic desk is usually a "stand-alone" piece of furniture. Being a "stand-alone" piece allows access for the user to adjust the desk to maximum fit for a better working experience. That's the main difference between an Ergonomic desk and a regular computer desk. With the regular desk you just get it as it is, which is fine. But with an Ergonomic desk, you have few more options, which is nice. Some ergonomic desks have a really large desktop height adjustment to create either a "sit-down" desk or a standing desk, which allows the user to work while standing. I know sometimes I stand when I type and to have not had to lean down to the keyboard is such an added pleasure to my working experience. The ergonomic desk is usually a close companion to the ergonomic chair. I mean, I could hear someone like hall of fame football coach and announcer John Madden saying, "You got your Ergonomic desk, so you're going to have to get the Ergonomic chair so you can adjust everything! I mean how can you have an Ergonomic Desk and a regular chair! It just doesn't make sense!" But the best thing is that its just more choices for the buyer to get the products they need for the ultimate working experience. Now I bet your thinking to yourself, "I wonder how the Ergonomic Desk was invented? Well you are lucky enough to be reading the right article on Ergonomic Desk because I have the answer. The ergonomic desk was invented around the 1940's a little after World War II started. The name Ergonomic Desk comes from the United States Legislation stating minimal requirements for furniture used by office workers was to be referred to as "ergonomic desk standards."

The Computer desk:

The most common form of the computer desk is a variant of the ergonomic desk. This type of computer desk usually has an adjustable keyboard tray and also has sufficient desktop space for handwriting, putting work related items down on, etc. This desk also has provisions for a monitor shelf, holes for routing cables, and is set up in such a fashion that it makes it easy to connect the computer components together, which is great for the user. So usually there is space that is provided for a keyboard, mouse, the monitor, your printer and/or scanner, and lastly your super booming speakers! The typical computer desk is also sometimes an armoire type desk. Computer desk are usually sold with these all these features and with really nice and different desk designs that include holes, trays and shelves for your computer system to be easily attached and with all functions being easily accessible.

Yes it's true that most computer desk offer all these great functions but if you think they all look alike; I have some news for you. There is a seemingly an endless variety of computer desk shapes and forms. I mean first off, you have your large multi-student computer desks that are most often found at work or schools that are configured in rows are designed to house dozens of computer systems. Then there are the small rolling lectern desks or computer carts. These often tiny desktops provide just enough room for a regular pc, mac, or laptop computer and a mouse pad. So there's a wide range. Most computer desks are typically mass-produced and require some self-assembly. Most desks that you buy online these days come with really good directions that are easy to follow. Lastly, if you want to get artistic with your computer desk, there are lots of companies who make desks to specific orders or who produce really nice and unique designs.

The computer itself is normally separate from the desk. So go out and buy that great computer that you know you really need and then go look for your desk. Your desk that you are going to buy will most likely be designed generically to hold a typically sized computer, monitor and all the other accessories that you would normally need. Sometimes you can find a computer and a desk sold together but not often. A few computers are known to be built within a desk made especially for them. An example of this is the British iDesk. The British iDesk computer is not removable and cannot be separated from the desk. I'm sure in the future that the integration of computer and furniture will be of higher demand.

Another good thing about most computer desk is that they have wheels that roll. A rolling computer table configuration offers mobility and improved access for situations where a desk is not convenient.

So when looking for a computer desk you have many options to consider. Try to consider what is best for your ultimate working experience. So whether it is an adjustable Ergonomic computer desk or a regular computer desk, just remember the perfect desk for you is out there. Just consider a few of these tips and you should be on your way to finding your perfect desk!

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