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Home >> DIY Décor to Complete your Master Bedroom Makeover
DIY Décor to Complete your Master Bedroom Makeover

DIY Décor to Complete your Master Bedroom Makeover

Now that you’ve purchased a new bedroom set, it’s time to complete your new master suite by adding décor. Personalized décor is so much more meaningful and custom than store-bought decorationss - taking the DIY approach allows you to create a piece that’s perfect for the space as well as holds sentimental value. Below are two easy-to-implement DIY décor ideas for your bedroom makeover.

DIY Gallery Wall

Inject a touch of trendy décor into your bedroom by creating a gallery wall above your headboard. Not only will it highlight your new bed, but it’ll solidify the bed as the focal point of the room, making it seem more luxurious than it may actually be. To create your own gallery wall, purchase several wooden picture frames in varying sizes from a thrift store. The color of the frames is irrelevant, as you’ll be painting them with your choice of acrylic paint. Choose paints that complement the color scheme of your newly made-over bedroom.

If the frames have been previously painted or stained, it may be necessary to use sanding paper to create a clean surface that the paint can grip onto. However, if you’re going for a vintage, shabby chic look, simply paint over the existing finish. When the newly coated frames are dry and ready to be hung, place your photos in the frames and hang them in your chosen gallery style. Hanging them in a linear, grid-like fashion creates a stunning and sophisticated look, while hanging them in a random pattern adds a cozy and whimsical touch to the room.

DIY Monogrammed Pillows using Fabric Paint

The bedding world is currently seeing a trend surrounding hotel bedding; monogrammed hotel bedding, specifically. Because of this trend, monogrammed bed linens are pricier than ever. Give your wallet some breathing room and “cheat” your way to luxurious bed linens by stenciling your pillows to make them appear as if they’ve been monogrammed.

Find a font that you like (DaFont.com is a wonderful free resource for fonts) and create your monogram using your chosen font in a word processor. If stenciling a large pillow, be sure to print your design on landscape mode, as it’ll cover more surface area. There’s no need for special tools or paper - print your design on ordinary printing paper and use a box cutter to cut out your stencil.

Sandwich a piece of cardboard between the front and back of the pillow to prevent bleeding; if the pillow has an insert, be sure to remove it. Use sewing pins to secure the stencil onto the pillow and use a foam brush to stipple the open area of the stencil. Let dry and apply a second coat if necessary. Give your pillows the ultimate hotel-style look by using frog tape to create a painted box on the perimeter of your pillow.

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