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Choosing a Coffee Table

In your living room, your humble coffee table is there to serve you. Coffee tables, which were invented after World War II, serve as the perfect compliment to the larger personalities of your sofas and chairs, as well as to your pillows and throws. In the beginning coffee tables were very plain and rarely designed for their own style-potential. But after years of evolution, the hardworking occasional table has finally become a star in its own right. However, consideration of style, scale, shape, and functionality make choosing this living room staple a challenging task.

The fist thing you are going to want to do before purchasing a coffee table is to consider the coffee table rules. Before you choose a coffee table you will want to consider the style of the other furnishings you have in your living room. If you have a traditional style room then you are going to want to get a traditional coffee table, probably rectangular or possibly oval. Common features for the coffee table may be to either have them be made of wood, to coordinate with other wood furnishings, or feature a glass table top surrounded by brass, bronze, or a gilded frame. Although there is no such thing as an antique coffee table, many coffee tables can be fashioned from antique elements such as an iron gate, a carved front door, or old wood board. When it comes to choosing contemporary or modern coffee tables, there are so many options. You can choose from coffee tables made with wood, leather, Plexiglas, or metal. An amoeba shaped table looks as modern today as it did in 1949 when it was introduced. A rolling coffee table can double as an end table or bar cart. Regardless of style, these guidelines can assist you in making an informed choice. First, to determine the appropriate size, allow a minimum of 15" between edge of sofa and coffee table. When in doubt, its better to choose a coffee table that is too large rather than too small. A glass coffee table allows light to travel through a space and won't obscure a beautiful carpet beneath. A "block" table works best against a sofa or chairs with legs. Your table should be ideally the same height as the seat adjacent sofa or chairs.

Then next thing you are going to want to do is consider the styling the coffee table. Its good to select a decorative object to sit on top of your table. You can choose from things like a vase of flowers, a blown glass bowl, candles or a collection of coffee table books. A mix of textures and shapes increases interest. For example, you might combine a set of paperweights with candlesticks. The contrast makes it interesting. A coffee table provides the ideal surface for a display of colorful items. A vase of roses, a blue glass bowl, or a collection of paperweights can liven up your room tremendously. A stack of books begs for attention, as does a bowl of seashells or buttons. Tabletops games are also a great choice. One rule, don't overcrowd the tabletop or you'll have nowhere to place a drink. If you like a clutter free surface, keep a trunk or basket beside the coffee table.

Your coffee table should be distinctive enough to hold its own in a room, but not such a statement piece that it overpowers the furnishings around it.Ā  To help you in your search, here are 10 classic cocktail tables that should stand the test of time. The first kind of table is the Oval Coffee Table. The oval coffee table manages to feel both classic and contemporary. The second type of table is called the Volinia Coffee Table. The Volinia Coffee Table manages to be both modern and warm, thanks to its simple lines and the marriage of rich exotic woods and tapered black legs. The table measures 42 inches square. An oval coffee table is elegance defined. Its timeless design features a figured-wood top surrounded by a fluted apron which rests atop tapered legs that culminate in platinum-finish tips. The Venture cocktail table is a stylish workhorse. The rich, dark-walnut finish is accented by crisscrosses on two sides, making this a smart accompaniment to craftsman, country or even French-style interiors. With two large shelves tucked under the top, this baby will hold more than its share of magazines, books and games. Another kind of coffee table is called the Frapp coffee table. The Frapp coffee table has a rectangular top atop a set of stunningly stylish legs. The Barcelona table is modern icon. The table boasts a 40-inch-square plate-glass top and legs in either chrome. The Parsons square coffee table with concrete top has a satiny-smooth finish of acid-treated travertine marble. It is paired with a Parsons-style base crafted from hot-rolled steel, giving a familiar form extra richness and allure. It's also available with a clear-glass top. The Noguchi Coffee Table was introduced in 1948 and is still valued today for its effortless blend of sculptural intrigue and plain, old-fashioned practicality. Interlocking wood legs support a clear plate-glass top. They are available with walnut, cherry or black legs. Because they're transparent, glass-top coffee tables are great in small spaces or where you don't want to hide the carpet underneath. Unfortunately, they can also look cold.

In your living room, your humble coffee table is there to serve you. Consider the style, scale, shape, and functionality when choosing this living room staple. Good luck on making the best choice coffee table for your living room!